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Welcome to our internet home!  We are the Carnes family of Franklin, Tennessee, USA and this is where we will share a bit about ourselves and our interests to the world.  If you see anything that interests you, send us an email!  We are:

Ed         A native of Kentucky, Ed is an entrepreneur, small business owner, fiddle 
player and is interested in genealogy, history, traveling, fitness and anything musical.  Go to Ed’s area
JaredBorn in Texas, Jared might be our up and coming major league baseball player!
Jared loves to watch any sports he can find or get to.  He plays street hockey, baseball, soccer and whatever else comes up in the neighborhood.  He also does exceptionally well in school.  Go to Jared’s page
Jason Born in Ohio, Jason likes to do whatever his brother does.  Jason plays street
hockey, throws baseball and shoots basketball and will try just about anything except food.  Go to Jason’s page

Feel free to browse around a bit!  In the meantime you can reach us in several ways:


By Email:          Ed                   Jared                Jason              
By Mail:              401 MacKenzie Way            
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
By Phone:           We do not give that out over the Internet :-(        

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